Log Purchase and Lumber Grade Criteria

Log purchase and lumber grade criteria are listed here in two documents.  The log purchase criteria specific to in the Sticks is in the second document.  The first document is a product of earlier work and contains the lumber grade system I use.  Lumber grade systems are especially important for large purchases.  Both parties need to know what they are getting into.  In the larger lumber market there are grade rules and arbitration is a solution to serious conflict.  Juniper is not at that level of development.  It is still buyer beware.  Hopefully your supplier has scruples.  Both parties had better communicate and make certain of what they are getting into.  Conflict wastes time, energy and money.  This is the fine print, read it!  Don’t hesitate to ask if you have a question. 

juniper grade rules

I am also buying green or dry logs by the ton or on scale.  Check for latest information.  Here is a good outline.

Juniper Criteria for Purchase 3.5[1] 

Nice logs. Thanks to Chad Engle and crew!