About In The Sticks

In The Sticks intends to be the “market leader” for top quality juniper lumber.

 The owner started with a Rangeland Resources Degree from Oregon State University.   He participated in extensive research work on range sites where the juniper invasion was being studied.  He witnessed location after location where the increase in area and density of juniper was degrading the grasslands and shrub steppe ecosystem that he treasures.  He saw the recovery response when juniper was cut (native vegetation can rebound with a six fold increase in shrub, forb and grass cover).  Wildlife and watershed values can recover quickly from the damage cased by the juniper invasion. 

Logs, Lumber and Mill

The current public and private landowner response  to juniper invasion is cut, pile and burn the trees.  Juniper lumber is beautiful.  The heartwood is highly decay resistant.  We buy juniper logs, create juniper lumber and support watershed restoration efforts.

Juniper is invading and degrading Oregon watersheds.  Juniper lumber is a challenge to craft but the end result can be stunning.  We promise quality without compromise as we process logs into lumber.   In The Sticks will be the “market leader” for quality juniper lumber. We hope you share our excitement as we utilize a renewable, beautiful and enduring  local resource.

Juniper Log Ends, Note the sapwood heartwood variation