It’s All About Juniper

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I have milled thousands of logs into hundreds of thousands of sticks.  Juniper is still an enigma.  I believe in its opportunity and its beauty.  I struggle to realize the market potential and efficient production of juniper lumber.   Removing juniper is a distinct benefit to the landscape of Eastern Oregon.  Finished juniper products are beautiful.  Making a business of milling juniper lumber is rare.  Several companies have tried working with juniper.  Most have gone under.  It takes a special skill-set to make juniper “work.”  I am proud to be one of the few sawmills focusing on juniper. I hope I am a pioneer that can survive.  Even with the mountain of juniper lumber I have created, juniper is still a challenge and perhaps an opportunity.

A critical understanding is that I do not mill “old-growth” juniper.  The logs I utilize for making juniper lumber are the invasive juniper trees that degrade our grasslands and watersheds.  The old-growth trees are sometimes used by artistic craftsmen.  Those trees are harvested on a very select basis.  The trees I purchase and mill are harvested by commercial loggers during forest and watershed improvement or restoration efforts.  I purchase logs by the truck-load.  Juniper is a native tree.  I do not push to eradicate juniper trees.  The issue is the negative effect the juniper population explosion is having on our landscape. I turn invasive juniper into beautiful lumber.